The Guest Bee by miseria

The Guest Bee

This weeks get pushed challenge came from @francoise and was this~! "When you are walking, or driving somewhere this week, set a timer for ten minutes. Exactly when it goes off, stop and find something right there to photograph".

Soo, I went to a place nearby which is a long path next to a stream. All the way along it has plants, and for some reason (probably because it's so sheltered) tends to get stuff before other places. At 10 minutes I arrived at this spot. Pretty much all that was there were these blue flowers (which are Green Alkanets), so I started to take photos of them, and this bee arrived to help! Other things seen this day were a few butterflies, a crow attacking a buzzard and a bunch of different insects.

It looks like a tree bumblebee, which is one of the types that can poke down the long tube in the center! This does look a little over saturated, but the colors were actually toned down a little! Also I didn't have to use a flash. :D
@francoise Thank you for the challenge~!
May 7th, 2018  
I think your colors are completely spectacular. Wonderful find.
May 7th, 2018  
@francoise Thankyou~! These flowers are a nice color and nicely contrast with the foliage and bee. It's nice when you get a helping hand with these things! :D
May 7th, 2018  
The orange of its back really compliments the purple flower.
May 9th, 2018  
Oh dear - I am so sorry - have been teaching the special needs kids all week and have hardly been on my laptop - I just saw your challenge - I will do my best to complete it over the weekend. How do you feel about abstracting a flower since I have left it so late
May 11th, 2018  

It does! They seem very well adapted to these flowers too. I don't think many other things can even reach down the weird tubes!


I understand perfectly! I don't usually start on the challenges until the weekends, so don't worry!! :D
May 11th, 2018  
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