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I like trying random things and trying to make them work. Usual obsessions involve macro and playing around with lighting.

For the assistance of challengers, completed Get Pushed challenges done so far!

(246) 5 objects that would not normally go together
(247) Long exposure
(248) Reflection
(249) A Street Scene
(250) Forced Perspective
(251) A Macro of an Eye
(253) A picture of a person
(254) pareidolia
(255) an action shot (kind of messed this one up!)
(256) white on white
(257) A shot using water
(258) motion blur
(259) Still need to upload this one! :O
(260) light painting
(261) minimal b&w landscape
(262) an architectural photograph
(263) an abstract with texture
(264) opposites
(265) food photos
(266) a panning shot
(267) school or students
(268) food photo
(269) backlit subject
(270) refraction
(271) foreground interest and depth shot
(272) a photo where a shadow is the focal point
(274) hands
() Symmetry
() Books
(277) black and white
(278) image of shapes
(279) opposites
(280) silhouette of your cat

I wouldn't mind doing some of these again, as I can always improve!

I'm kind of terrible at networking and am usually doing 10 different things while thinking of 10,000, so if I ignore something you've said or take a month to reply I probably didn't mean to! :D