On a cold winter evening ... there was a light in the distance ...

Love the effects with the lines on the side of the road. This picture reminds me of the movie Psycho. Eerie indeed.
posted June 9th, 2010  
Nice effects! I like the smooth feel.
posted June 9th, 2010  
Many thanks - can't work photoshop so everthing is how it comes out ...(been trying to learn photoshop for 10years .. can still only do basic crop and image resize ...)
posted June 10th, 2010  
Carlita why use Photoshop when you can do this without. I think it's a great shot for the Theme.
posted June 10th, 2010  
Thanks Glenys
posted July 30th, 2010  
ooh, i really like this, too!
p.s. it's not the camera or the software, it's the photographer. i think you have been doing well even without the help of photoshop :)
posted August 25th, 2010  
Lovely! Such soft lines and light.
posted October 24th, 2011  
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