Jesus Mary and Joseph

Pic especially for @yoelao

November 1988 saw MDH and I hitch-hiking through Israel. Having been brought up catholic it was amazing and wonderful to spend time in the country of the biblical stories I/we were brought up with.

After arriving in Eilat from Egypt and playing at Masada and in the Dead Sea we hitched a ride to Jerusalem in a refrigerated truck with the 'correct style' number plates. We were let out at Jaffa Gate (with cool back packs) and wondered till we found the Youth Hostel.

Whilst in Jerusalem we did the Christian 'tourist' things and before we left I wanted to buy a memento of our stay - MDH was NOT so keen especially when he realised the 'size of it'.

I just loved the bustle and colour and activity of the souk (the Arab market) and we left with this nativity set which is purported to be carved from olive tree timber.

It's stood up to 21years of being used and loved in our family - a camel has a broken leg and every year I find the stave's AFTER the season is over but it's special and I remember the buying of it and recall our stories of our travels every time I unwrap it at Christmas time.

Israel for four weeks was a wonderful month with exciting stories and lots of photos and adventures of us itinerant Aussies.
i like the way u have taken this picture, its very dramatic with complit expreation of the occation.
posted December 29th, 2010  
Love the focus of this as it is even detected in the positioning of all the figures, drawing your attention to the main figure of the Christ Child.
posted December 29th, 2010  
@yoelao my piece of Israel for you.
posted December 29th, 2010  
What a neat nativity set to have!
posted December 29th, 2010  
Thank you very much for remembering me. I Love the shook in old Jerusalem and all the colors and smells and beautiful craft they have there. This olive tree sculptures were very typical craft seen in the Arabic markets. Less today and mostly are for tourist.
Hitchhiking is not recommended nowadays. There were different days here and in other countries as well.
posted December 29th, 2010  
@yoelao it was dangerous then (1988) and we were told which car plates to look for - funny the truck we were in had the 'safe' plates but he was Arabic driving through the streets to Jaffa gate and was very concerned and didn't stop. There were riots happening when we were there and the dispute with Jordan and then again up north near Galilee. But wonderful memories of a [dangerous] adventure. Crazy Aussies we are, hadn't been on a bike for a few years then hired them at Galilee and rode around the lake - took all day and had a very sore bum but thankfully we headed north first so we only had the flats back into Galilee at the end ....
posted December 29th, 2010  
This is a very wonderful nativity set. The details in the figures look amazing.
posted December 30th, 2010  
That is a beautiful story and nativity set. So glad I found it browsing tonight. Have missed connecting with you regularly. Ah internet is a good thing for the most part. ;)
posted December 30th, 2010  
Love the story of how you got this set. I love nativity sets!
posted December 31st, 2010  
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