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April 2019: I want to get back into this, i keep getting reminded to use my account or let it go and i can't let it go. I must make a more conscious effort of getting on here and posting on here more often. Fingers crossed....

January 2014: I didn't make it through 100% complete in 2013, timing just didn't allow. But I'm still here and I'm still trying to take photos and upload when I can. I'm doing my best to fill in the gaps and one day have a 100% full album.

March 2013: There have been a few changes since i began my project. My oldest has begun school and i'm now not so much a stay at home mum. I'm working 3 days a week which has made life really quite busy but so far so good. It has lessened my opportunity to take a photo a day but when the opportunities arises i capture as much as i can and i now have a bit of a collection to make up for those days.

I'm learning so much, taking photos, browsing other peoples photos, commenting on shots i find so inspiring and recieving compliments on my collection. I'm so happy i have taken on such a project for myself.

Jan 2013: I'm a SAHM of 3 beautiful children. Although i have no photography experience what so ever i am passionate about photos and what they represent now and for years to come.

Jan 2013 #2: Almost one month in and i'm loving this challenge. I'm looking at things differently and trying very hard to find a shot worthy of posting each day. Bring on month #2!!

April 2016: I'm still here from time to time, life is busy but i'm still taking photos when i can. I have a new camera and and the love for it is still there.