Stand alone by missyann

Stand alone

Just a couple purple blooms standing tall in the the long grass. Also an entry for Get Pushed 305, @brigette hope you like this one
@bridgette does this depth of field work?
May 31st, 2018  
Nice focus and DOF.
May 31st, 2018  
Missy Ann, my get pushed challenge for you is to try panning. Here are 77 ideas to get you started.
June 3rd, 2018  
Hi! Love this composition. We are get-pushed partners for the coming week (June 18-June 24). I noticed you use both your iPhone and a Canon Rebel. Your challenge this week, if you are so inclined, is to shoot light trails or try a bit of light painting. This will be easier to do with your Canon, though I believe it can also be done with the iPhone. If you have questions, or would prefer a different challenge, just let me know.
June 18th, 2018  
@missyann Hey there - we are get pushed partners this week. How about a black & white portrait this week.
June 26th, 2018  
With 4 young'uns you must have very little time for photography but I am going to challenge you as my get-pushed-310 partner to a photo with all 4 kids together with red white and blue clothes, toys, flags, banners or any thing red white & blue if you would like or let me know if you want something else
June 30th, 2018  
I am so sorry that we have not seen you for a while. Sure hope to see you back when you can!
I hate to add to your long list of get pushed challenges, so my challenge for this week (July 8th) is to choose one of the previous challenges and do it.
Then you are all caught up and ready for a fresh start here at 365.
Miss you lots!
July 8th, 2018  
So nice + soft MissyAnn - ps - I have a free e-book on photography for you on my new site -
March 19th, 2019  
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