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2015: I should update this as another year has slipped by. I will continue to post this year, mostly every day although I will likely relax about taking a picture every day. Near the beginning of last year I began concentrating on birds in flight and really enjoyed the challenge, so much so, that I think I will continue in the same vein this year with likely a broader mix of critters than just birds. I will also try to visit other's photos more often and comment more often in response to visitors to my page. Santa was good to me at Christmas and I now have a new camera to figure out which will also make this year a bit different.

2014: Another year is upon us and a group of us at work have once again decided to take up the challenge of a photo a day for a year. We did this last in 2011 and it was a lot of fun, even when we fell short. I wonder what 2014 will bring!

I am a wildlife biologist living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada but in my current position, I tend not to get into the field for work.

I really enjoy seeing what others are up to, even though I can't consistently comment on other's photos given the limited hours in a day; I marvel at the skill of the photographers here. Thanks for sharing your photos!