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Took a lot of angular photographs today.

Results from MRI this afternoon, significant pathology in the lower spine, meaning, central canal stenosis (arthritis) and degenerative disc disease, compression on nerves to legs and feet, etc. So we had a long talk, he wanted to send me to a pain management person at Stanford for more injections, I said no, discussion about seeing a spine surgeon, I said no, he wanted to put me on drugs: gabapentin ( I said no. We discussed physical therapy, both agreed the place to start. Discussed my seeing chiropractor (who I haven't seen since before my UK trip) he said absolutely not, more harm than good - interesting how the philosophy on that changes with each doctor - I said ok no chiropractor. Am I the world's most difficult patient? Or just too informed? Probably both.

As things go, none of this is to complain about.

I like your 'angular' photographs. :)

But as a patient, I think that you are being brave.
I have secondary breast cancer in the bone. Breast operation in 1983, and the metastases were found in 2011 when I broke my hip bone. Cancer is only treated in a University Hospital, in my case the nearest, which is Turku U. I have to trust them and follow their orders . . . what else can I do.
December 9th, 2017  
@octogenarian I'm sorry to read this MPe. Yes, in your situation you do have to trust and follow, not an easy thing to do. I hope you are, and have been, receiving the best of care there. Both my mother and my aunt have had breast cancer (my mother twice). These things are not easy to navigate, are they?
December 9th, 2017  
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