Cold. It was about 68ºF when I left the Bay Area, 38ºF when I landed in Portland this evening. Here for the week.

Spent the day yesterday in SF continuing to help my friend through the sudden loss of her partner last month, it's been a shock and we're sorting through what's left behind, I'm helping with sorting and planning, Trevor dealing with technical things. He died in his sleep, heart failure, a good and quick way to go, but for my friend to wake up and find him... it's another story, isn't it.

Up in Portland for the week to have some alone time, but I will be seeing a friend tomorrow whose husband is battling bladder cancer. Wednesday morning will be a light spot when I will get a hair cut - oh thank goodness for hair cuts. I'll be catching up with Lena too, to see what's going on with her big move to the UK and at the end of the week seeing my lovely old neighbor Sharon for a good catch up and gossip.

The picture in the news of the starving polar bear undid me. Unbearable, devastating. I don't understand this world... The importance of photography right there, in your face, can people continue to ignore this? Pretend it isn't real? I know for my entire lifetime they been talking about this happening to polar bears and here it is.
Beautiful shot for so many reasons
posted December 12th, 2017  
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