King Tide

Happy New Year

A supermoon so we have a King Tides today and tomorrow, I was a little late in getting out to look at it, waters still high but receding by the time I got dressed and over to Redwood Creek.

I've mentioned the creek a few times and for something so close to where I'm living it's surprisingly hard to get to. The freeway cuts off downtown from the the bay and wetlands and creek, and the bay side Redwood City neighborhoods. There are discussions on creating a walkway along the bank of the creek under the freeway - there's already an unofficial path but the way is tricky, garbage strewn, and subject to the tides. Also the space under the freeway is shelter to a sizable homeless camp. If they are successful in coming up with a good plan linking them it would be really great.

So, for now, it's take the car rather than dice with death going down Veteran's Blvd, and over the very pedestrian unfriendly freeway bridge from there.

We walked through the wildlife preserve, the high water from the King Tide had changed the marshscape. We also looked at Docktown, pictured above. They are currently locked in a battle and trying not to get evicted. A bummer of a story, I hope they are successful in remaining.

This all is a different world for me. I am not familiar with tides, nor with floating homes. - Eviction is frightening.
posted January 3rd, 2018  
@octogenarian The eviction is truly scary, I hope for the best for all these floating home owners.
posted January 6th, 2018  
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