Street Corner Series

Middlefield at Jefferson

Stylish man. He had a sense of humor too. He'd just changed into his shades (other pair in his hand) and it looks like he has several other pairs of glasses in his shirt pocket. One can never have too many glasses - I speak as a someone that always has at least 3 pairs on my person/in my bag.

Still very warm. It'll last a couple more days then we'll be down in the 65ºF range which is more normal.
I think he noticed you, but if he did, he was flattered. :)
posted February 8th, 2018  
@octogenarian Oh yes, he was happy to chat with me. He had been singing along to the crosswalk voice - they have voices that tell you you can cross and give you the street name - for visually impaired pedestrians. It's always so nice to meet people enjoying their day.
posted February 8th, 2018  
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