by mostlyfiveohthree

Leeks are in the bag. Thinking about what I'm going to cook them with, some cod, with some olives and capers. And some lemon.
nhc, I am sorry for never commenting on this. There are your stripes and there are your new shoes, but it was on the week when I was sick and what's more, with a splitting headache. I didn't know what to say, and the last I could think of were leeks . . .

Days went by, and when I felt better, I was hoping that you would post another picture, but you didn't. Then, at last you posted on Blip a photograph that I just could not let pass without commenting with a 'star'.

My state is "miserable 85" and yours "homeless in SF". Maybe this "kitchen door" still serves a purpose. :-)
Best wishes, MPe.
March 26th, 2019  
@octogenarian I dropped the ball bit over here - you know how it goes sometimes! Definitely good to keep this kitchen door here. :-) Hope you're feel lots better.

Happy to see you and Maija back on blip.
March 26th, 2019  
@octogenarian * feeling. (Wish one could edit typos after posting!)
March 26th, 2019  
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