My Teapot by mozette

My Teapot

This is my darling teapot that I use each night; now that I've broken my glass one.

And you know, I love it more than I loved my glass one. :D
That is so much cuter than brewing it in the cup. There's nothing like a nice cup of tea. I think that I'll go make myself one even though it's barely dropped below 100 degrees F.
June 6th, 2010  
When I was putting my glass one back together after a good cleaning (the coating the caffeinne leaves everywhere can really leave a bad coating!), I heard a loud 'crack!' and I knew that was it! I searched the pot and found the glass had cracked from the top of the hand and around the rim... so I tossed the whole thing out.

Soon after, I had darling down off the shelf, washed and ready for a nice pot of green tea... the one thing I have to do is wrap it up in a cloth nappy to use it as a tea cosy as I don't have one right now.

And now to search for a pattern to knit a cool little cozy for it!
June 6th, 2010  
Sipping my cup of tea now...I went for the Earl Grey this time.
June 6th, 2010  
Nice shots
June 6th, 2010  
How lovely! nice collage!
June 6th, 2010  
Nice teapot! I have collected teapots but most of them sit on a shelf and the one I am using is plain dark green earthenware pot - or then I just pour the water from the kettle to cup and soak teabag there, if I am lazy..
June 6th, 2010  
Very nice collage! and...yes, there is nothing like a nice cup of tea!
June 6th, 2010  
June 7th, 2010  
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