Finishing Touches by mozette

Finishing Touches

Well, my backyard makeover is almost finished! Yes, I'm up to the stage where I can kick back and enjoy the hard work.... I love what I've done too.

Today, I hunted around for the last few pots and am happy to have found two - but not a third one. So, I bought the two and came home, repotted two plants next to my back door and am now happy with them. The last one will have to wait until next pay or so, then the whole yard will be finished.

I also bought a folding 2-step ladder for the kitchen from IKEA... that was once I found somebody to help me order one... and after I got lost twice in the stupid place! I hate that place, it makes me feel like I'm a 6 year old lost in an amusement park. I really don't like IKEA it's just too big and there's no way out if you want to cut your visit short.

Anyway, I made it home after visiting Mum and Dad's house, watering their plants, dropping off their big red esky, dropping into the doctors and then having lunch (on my folks) getting my butt home... Phew what a day! And I didn't mean it to be so big! But it's funny what happens when you plan your days to be small.
It looks so cozy and nice!
October 10th, 2013  
@annelis thank you! I'm trying to make little corners like this around my house so it looks nice and very family and plant friends too. :D
October 10th, 2013  
It sounds like you had a lot to do, but you got it all done. Hopefully the weather will now allow you to enjoy your outdoor space
October 10th, 2013  
@digitalrn Yeah, same here... I'm sure the weather will stay just like this. :D I'll be able to read more over the Summer in my lovely little garden.
October 11th, 2013  
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