In Full Bloom by mozette

In Full Bloom

This morning, I opened the back door curtain to be greeted with the most gorgeous sight! My Moch Orange shrubs all opened up and in full bloom and bees absolutely enjoying themselves - along with other insects loving the flowers!

So out came the camera and the tablet, and I took some of the most lovely photos.

Then, I clipped off a bunch of blooms and took them to Mum and Dad's house where Mum loved the overpowering scent of them! Soon, they were in a vase and inundating their house... how lovely is that smell of Summer; nothing like Moch Orange.

And if you look closely, you'll see I caught a photo of a bee in flight! :D
Yes I see the bee happily buzzing around. the blooms look lovely
January 20th, 2014  
Another wonderful shot of blossom and bee. Lovely to see it in full bloom
January 20th, 2014  
@digitalrn @wendyfrost Oh, yeah... when the bees are buzzin' around this plant, I'm always careful; as they circle around it before going back to the hive... and often they don't realise there might be a human in the way or other things - like a clothes line or another plant - in the way of their circle. It's to leave a scent trail to follow back to the shrub.
January 21st, 2014  
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