How to Train Your Dragon by mozette

How to Train Your Dragon

On Sunday, there was a Dragon in the park that nobody seemed to notice. Shee was stretched out taking a well-earned nap around the play equipment... Mum pointed him out to me, and so I took a whole lot of photos of her.

What a darling she is.

I've learned to tell the difference between male and female dragons - even though they're not real. If you count the toes (or talons on her foot there), you'll find she's got 4-5 toes/talons; this is the mark of a female. Anything less is a male. And so, this is why there were eggs around the park. :)
Interesting information. Would not have known that
January 21st, 2014  
@digitalrn I was told about this when I traveled around the UK and Wales in 1997... they have a strong belief in dragons and fire-drakes ... and the mythology behind them; and so a lot of historians know about them.
January 21st, 2014  
Great shots thankyou for that knowledge I know what to look for when I next find a dragon .My son has a collection of dragons I will have a look lol
January 21st, 2014  
@wendyfrost The same goes for gargoyles too... in the traditional sense - not with cartoons :P
January 21st, 2014  
@mozette I will take a look next time I find a gargoyle
January 21st, 2014  
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