A Lovely Find by mozette

A Lovely Find

Isn't it just lovely when you find something which is just right for your home?

I found this lovely little barometer at the Asthma Foundation Op-Shop at Browns Plains; and when I asked if it was the shop's one (as some of them have items for the store and not for sale), they said no... it was for sale. and pulled it off the wall for me.
They told me that the people who donated it told them it was broken. I said that the thermometer was working... and the little dial in the bottom was reading 50% so that was working... and I told them how to read a barometer; and asked if they had any others. Fortunately they did; and the other one they had read the same as this one. Neither one was broken; these work slowly that's all.

Oh the little dial in the bottom is a Hygro - it reads humidity. Today, it's 65%
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