Ellie by mozette


We went to Gabe, Kat and Riley's house last night for dinner. Ellie was there - that adorable pooch! After a hyper-run in total excitement to see us, this wonderful dog hung about us and enjoyed her pats
Cute pic
August 11th, 2019  
What great eyes!
August 11th, 2019  
@bradsworld Ellie is a rescue dog. She used to live under a school house on an island in Gulf of Carpentaria on her own as a runt of her litter. She was surviving by killing things and eating them on her own... but the local school kids were bullying her by making out they'd play then throw rocks at her - so she won't play tug-o-war with you. She's the most gentle dog and love cuddles, enjoys being around everyone at any time.

When we arrive, she goes into hyper-runs around the place because she gets so excited to see us!
August 11th, 2019  
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