Crinoid stem by mwerner

Crinoid stem

This is a shot of a section of the fossilized stem of a crinoid. Crinoids are extinct marine animals that attached themselves to the sea bottom by a stalk. They are also known as sea lilies.

This shot is lit by a single off-camera flash unit held fairly close to the specimen, but at an acute angle to show off the textures.
The textures look quite thick, good job!
January 16th, 2019  
Soon I will publish another fossile. Just wait until it is rainy and dark, so I do not want to go out and take a picture. Nice shot
January 16th, 2019  
An interesting specimen :)
January 16th, 2019  
Intriguing AND educational, not only about the 'sea lily' but your lighting set-up to achieve a well-lit subject.

Having read your bio info, I want to wish you best of luck in achieving 365 photos this year. I did it my first year of being hereā€”it was incredibly challenging but oh so rewarding to achieve. You're sure to love the sense of accomplishment come December 31st. Go for it!!
January 16th, 2019  
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