Entrepreneure for fun- by myhrhelper

Entrepreneure for fun-

This is in response to a 52 Frames challenge that has to do with my hobby.

I own 2 businesses - an Employment Agency and a Photography business.
I assist companies in different industries find employees and vise/versa. I have recruited for the healthcare industry and a lot in manufacturing both in the plant and the office.

For my photography business I shoot people (with a camera). That is what I do, it is a hobby and a profession.

I know that technically most wouldn't consider them hobbies but that is what takes up the bulk of my time.
L O L! I absolutely love this one! It’s so good to see you in so many different roles. You have done this so seamlessly that I had to look twice to make sure they were all you. You might want to tag it selfie as well
January 19th, 2023  
Nice outfits
January 19th, 2023  
A modern woman!
January 19th, 2023  
Very nicely done!
January 19th, 2023  
Nicely done selfie composite. Your are multi-talented and creative.
January 19th, 2023  
Well done
January 20th, 2023  
Good job on this multiple composite...you've nailed your different styles so well.
January 25th, 2023  
Really creative interpretation! I love the different personalities and facial expressions.
January 29th, 2023  
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