Low Key B&W Animal Shot - Get Pushed by myhrhelper

Low Key B&W Animal Shot - Get Pushed

This was not an easy challenge for me, but then again it wouldn't be a challenge. I don't own any pets and it has been cold and wet (today snow - yuck!). When I saw my neighbor walking her beautiful friend I thought he would be a wonderful subject for photographs.

Here is what Raine had to say:
I'm your Get Pushed partner this week. I do have a few ideas for you, though...

1) Create a poster for your favorite movie genre. Make sure it has the proper feel!

2) A black & white low key shot of an animal.

I am hoping to do a movie poster but I just didn't have the opportunity this week.

It was also hard to photograph him in black and white since he has such a beautiful coat. Here is another shot of him: http://365project.org/myhrhelper/365/2013-04-10
A stunning shot. I do believe that b&w brings out the best in subjects such as this.
April 13th, 2013  
@rainechan Here is my first - I am hoping I might have something better. I didn't have time to do a movie poster since I would need other people - I like the idea and if I can get to one in the future I will tag you. Thank you so much for the challenging challenge (I like challenging challenges since I learn from them)
April 13th, 2013  
This is wonderful Kathy. I love the detail in the dogs fur and the low key really sets him off. Well done!
April 13th, 2013  
Gorgeous, Kathy. Looks like my dog.
April 13th, 2013  
Very nice! Love it! :)
And sure! I'd love to see the movie poster once you do it! :D
April 13th, 2013  
I think you did a fabulous job of low key. It couldn't have been easy using a dog as the subject. Challenge met I say!
April 13th, 2013  
April 14th, 2013  
Very nice, you kept the details.
April 14th, 2013  
Beautiful x
April 14th, 2013  
It looks great!
April 14th, 2013  
Nicely done. I find these sorts of shots the most difficult to render properly.
April 14th, 2013  
Somehow you have been able to highlight the dog. Well done!
April 15th, 2013  
Just beautiful!
April 16th, 2013  
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