Love makes the world go round by myhrhelper

Love makes the world go round

Weekend started rough with sad news of someone in the hospital who is 5 months pregnant and having kidney issues. Baby is fine and we will continue to pray for both of them. The doctors are keeping a close watch on mom.

Also seeing all that snow when you just want spring to get here is discouraging. We had lots of snow, then it melted then it snowed again. Now it is melted. We went for a drive and brought our cameras. I love spending time with my husband taking photos as well. I have so much to be thankful for.

Beautiful on black. Crazy clever photo! Praying for your friend and hoping it isn’t family
April 4th, 2022  
@grammyn actually it is our granddaughter. thank you Katy. Thank you for praying for her
April 4th, 2022  
@myhrhelper Praying just a little harder now
April 4th, 2022  
Wonderful capture. Wishing your friend and baby health.
April 4th, 2022  
awesome shot, KB. aces!

hope all goes well with granddaughter and baby.
April 4th, 2022  
Hope your granddaughter is doing better. Fantastic shot.
April 4th, 2022  
Very clever photo. Hope your granddaughter is doing better.
April 4th, 2022  
Love be how you’ve captured and captioned
April 4th, 2022  
Nice shot!
April 5th, 2022  
What a nice, original selfie!
April 10th, 2022  
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