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1-31-16 Veteran 365er here. I never completed my fourth year, but continue to take photos daily. I post those to my instagram account @1967herald. I enjoy the worldwide membership and amazing photos, and it takes less time, as commenting is the exception, rather than the norm.
I miss the social interaction and connection of 365, but find it very challenging to keep up. Having said that, I found that @vignouse was starting a OCOLOY (one camera, one lens, one year) project with exactly the same camera I'd recently purchased. I was already doing this same theme for myself, so I've committed to participating on 365 with the OCOLOY.
Having said that, I've run into some computer issues, and the continual lack of time to really view and comment on other 365 projects. I hope you'll forgive me in advance!
I still haven't learned to use Lightroom (or photoshop)! It's high on my list...

11-23-13 Just two months until I complete Year 3 on 365.
Pacific NW native, enjoying the challenge of capturing the world around me the way I see it. This is a wonderful learning process and community to be part of!

I can't imagine not continuing, I've made wonderful friends from around the world! I've coaxed a few people into trying 365, and at least 2 of them have made TT, which makes me so happy for them!

Someday, I'd like to actually take a photography class, but for now it's trial and error. Maybe I'll get into something like Lightroom, too.

I very much appreciate your visits to my project and comments. I try to acknowledge all comments, but lately I seem to be lagging behind. Also, if you follow me, I try to view all your photos, but sometimes lag behind there, too! But eventually, I view them all.