What Little Boys Like

On Friday, reading the newspaper after work, I saw an ad for a train show this weekend. There was going to be a ride-on Thomas train that I knew Adam would love. Yesterday his parents took him to the show. I wasn't there; but apparently, according to my daughter, he had the time of his very short life. He got to ride Thomas and watch train displays and then, went 'shopping'. My daughter said by the time she reached him a few short steps away, he had his arms full of trains (all the ones that he already owns!).

Finally, they did pick out two news ones: Salty and Victor. This is Victor. He carried him around all day today.
It sounds like he had fun!
posted January 16th, 2012  
Thomas, a must for any young one. And this was a must for the theme.
posted January 16th, 2012  
@digitalrn Thanks Rick. After I posted, I realized that the 'yellow' theme had ended already. lol.... that's what happens when I have a Monday off. My whole week will now be off a day.
posted January 16th, 2012  
Avery would get a new Thomas every week if I let him..lol because as you know,, this Thomas has that on it,, and this one has this on it,, so its completely different you see and I dont have it and I need it..

yes I NEED it,, lol
posted January 17th, 2012  
he will love it , get pictures
posted January 17th, 2012  
When i saw this picture i thought of the Thomas train right away. every boy I think has one or more....great shot...lighting and colors are superb.
also nice reflection of the wheels.
posted February 28th, 2012  
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