Day 223: 11-08-10 by naomi

Day 223: 11-08-10

Firstly, thank you all so much for your support on my thread and also your comments yesterday :) <3

Riiiiight, today's picture. Basically, I text some people and MSNed people asking them for what peace meant to them. I actually got some really interesting answers! Here's what people said: (might be a little long)
-No more intolerance and more understanding.
-Relief, liberation, freedom, happiness, content.
-A place where there’s no fighting.
-Mood stability.
-Calmness, harmony.
-Hippys, peace sign, quiet, calm.
-Equality, fairness, calm happy, content, creamy white, light blue,.
-Nothingness, warmth, welcomness, no hostility, tranquillity.
-Happiness, the certainty that nothing bad is going to happen in your life.
-Quietness, stillness, sense of contentment.
-People can live together in harmony without their differences affecting anything.
-Everyone’s happy, no wars, fights or hunger.
-People get along with no disagreements.
-Everything calmed and relaxed, no tension, no-one arguing or fighting, everyone is happy and content.
-Deep contentment inside you, freedom and stillness.
-Being accepting, recognising that everything is imperfect and then being able to apply it, to not get angry, not use violence. Peace also means silence in a meeting, which I try to carry everywhere, which gives me strength and is beautiful.
-Strong sense of calmness and tranquillity and respect.
-No suffering

I think it's so great that everyone had a different definition of peace, and that some thought in colours and others in words, etc. But also, there are some clear themes running through! So i found that really interesting :)

Anyway, so I went down to the river and made a peace sign out of twigs and shizzle and then tied some of what people had said around it. I really wanted to take my photo in a place where I find peace, but it was getting dark and it was dinner I ended up taking it against my bedroom wall, and I'm really annoyed because it doesn't look as good in the photo as it did in real life...meh.

But now I've removed all the writing and stuck just the sign on my wall which is pretty cool.

Anyway, I'll stop talking now xD
I love this!!!
August 12th, 2010  
wow great and creative idea!!! I love your idea and I love how you asked people around you! that's just so awesome. :D
August 12th, 2010  
What a cool idea! love it.
August 12th, 2010  
What a very unique idea... and a very cool shot :)
August 12th, 2010  
I love this! You are very creative! I would have never thought of this. I think this is a perfect picture....again, don't be so hard on yourself!
August 12th, 2010  
You are extremely creative & show a deep personal understanding of the world around you.. Your wonderful pictures reflect that.. I look forward to your pictures & comments!
August 12th, 2010  
That's a great idea!
August 12th, 2010  
nice one
August 12th, 2010  
what a great idea to get peoples defs of peace!! very creative!
August 12th, 2010  
Beautiful! This is so creative!
August 12th, 2010  
I love love your take on the theme!!!
August 12th, 2010  
What a great idea! I love that everyone had their own take on the meaning of peace, and it's really interesting to see what all those associations are.
August 12th, 2010  
What a wonderful idea! I think this is my favorite peace photo yet. :)
August 15th, 2010  
that makes a nice dreamcatcher :)
August 26th, 2010  
That's really beautiful
December 29th, 2010  
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