Day 320: 16-11-10 by naomi

Day 320: 16-11-10

If you paint with water colours/graphite and don't have one of these brushes...get one, they're amazing! They have water in them xD They're so useful for school and stuff.

I ended up only have half a lesson today because on Tuesdays I only have two lessons, only I had a clinic appointment this morning and it takes me half an hour to walk there and back! It went better then expected...I guess, got to have more blood tests though, joys.

In my frees I started my art homework, though, and I've actually managed to finish it tonight! So officially homework free!!! :D I'm so happy because any other homework for sciences etc I can do on the bus/at babysitting/in my lunch hour or whatever, but art is a bit having that out of the way until Monday makes me feel a LOT better.

I'm so exhausted now though. I was really worried about the appointment this morning and I think it's completely taken it out of me...I'm so tired all the time at the moment. So I'm going to have an early-ish night again!

PS: if you want to see my art, it's here: I used graphite pencils in the style of Toulouse-Lautrec :)

Cool pen - never seen that before! Sweet dreams :)
November 16th, 2010  
I'll have to check into those brushes!
November 16th, 2010  
Great focus...which is always your talent. Good night to you...get some rest!
November 17th, 2010  
Nice shot again.
November 17th, 2010  
cool perspective :)
November 17th, 2010  
Wonderful art. I haven't used this type of pen before--but I'm not an artist either! Sorry about the blood tests--ugh, I don't like needles at all!
November 17th, 2010  
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