New Camera!


So, the interview wasn't actually an interview. Well, it was, but it wasn't what they said it was I ended up having to follow someone to Huddersfield, run around all day doing door to door sales in the sun with no suncream/hat/water/food and I wasn't meant to speak to the people who answered the door. They hadn't even told me I'd be leaving the office and never mentionned anything about door to door sales, just told me to dress smartly. I didn't get back until stupidly late and I even had to pay my own train fare to Huddersfield and back. I did get through to the next round of interviews but funnily enough, I've decided to decline!

I felt horrible and tearful and ill when I got back butttttt I did get my new point and shoot :D I've gone for the Sony HX20V and so far, I love it!
Sorry to hear about the job "interview" - that is strange. I think I would have declined also!
posted May 30th, 2012  
Congrats on the new camera
posted May 30th, 2012  
You will enjoy the new camera; that was not an interview, in the states I would report them to the Better Business Bureau, I don't lnow about England though
posted May 31st, 2012  
I guess when they said 'try the job' from 12 to 8pm that's what they actually meant! Bad luck.
posted May 31st, 2012  
What a crappy day!
posted June 3rd, 2012  
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