Hedgehog Slippers by naomi

Hedgehog Slippers

Leaving my Dad’s meant leaving these friends behind.

I ran out of energy so didn’t do as much cleaning as I wanted to 😔. But changed all the sheets, put on multiple loads of washing, remade all the beds, hoovered all the bedrooms, the landing and the stairs, hoovered the rug in the playroom, wiped down the sides in the kitchen and cleaned one of the bathrooms properly. It just doesn’t feel enough but hopefully it’s okay. I baked a cake too…

Then I came to Kate’s and we have done driving jobs and half built a wardrobe but it’s now a little stuck. Oops. Then Stitch (cat) came and sat on me and we crocheted and watched Casualty :)
Nice cute shot and you are amazing.
February 25th, 2017  
Oh, these are so very adorable! And it sounds like you did A LOT of cleaning! Much more than me today, so great job there, too!
February 26th, 2017  
Cutest things ever!!!
February 26th, 2017  
Holy cow, that's a full day!! Cute capture of your hedgehogs. I'm sure they'll miss you too.
February 26th, 2017  
i would run out of energy after all that too!
February 26th, 2017  
You`re an amazing and lovely great girl. Looking after you Dad and doing those things for him. Wish all kids did those for there parents. And those slippers are cute.
February 26th, 2017  
They are cute!!
February 26th, 2017  
@hellie thank you :) I'm not really, just doing as much as I can
@linnypinny thank you - it doesn't feel like enough but it's as much as I could do
@alophoto thank you - I love them ^_^
@stray_shooter thank you - I imagine they will! Hopefully my Dad and brother will look after them
@kali66 glad it's not just me :')
@pyrrhula Thank you - I'm just doing what I can. He's lost his wife, he hasn't worked in 11 years, I fear most of our friends were Mum's friends... I worry.
@kwind thank you!
February 26th, 2017  
@naomi You may worry a bit but it`s his decision and life. You`re not responsible.
February 27th, 2017  
Such cheerful slippers - it sounds like you've been busy!
February 28th, 2017  
What a beautiful human being you are! I read through all the comments that fleshed out the story of helping your dad...you did a HUGE amount to help him! Your dad likely misses your mom and their friends as you do, but men handle it all differently. That's tough that he can't find an outlet in some sort of work, but Ferry (Pyrrhula) it perfectly...you are not responsible for his decisions. Some says, any of us might just be trying to stay afloat! My best to you, dear friend.
March 4th, 2017  
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