Swan by naomi


I had a lot of appointments today (3 - plus a trip to the chemist, and the charity shop, and nearly 6 hours work). They were really useful, though.

The main take-away message is I need to stop being so hard on myself.

One thing that someone said is that I'm like a swan. Everyone sees me managing - working, running the house, looking after the cat, eating, etc. But nobody sees the amount of effort that it takes to keep all of that going. Nobody sees how hard I'm paddling below the surface. And that can be really isolating. So I guess this is just a reminder to people - you can never tell what someone has going on just by looking at them.
Very delicate !
January 14th, 2019  
Nice shot
January 15th, 2019  
Such a creative, unique shot … so true about the swan
January 15th, 2019  
Your last comment is so true Naomi! likewise you probably can't imagine how many people are out here pulling for you to be successful! Carry on!!!
January 15th, 2019  
No you can't and yes you do need to stop being so hard on yourself
January 15th, 2019  
such true words. Beautifully illustrated.
January 20th, 2019  
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