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April 2013 : I totally suck at remembering to take a photo each day but I'm not giving in just yet. I think I'll switch the theme of my project to 365 days of my new puppy. Will be interesting to see the changes and I might be a bit more reliable at taking photos!

Sept 30. Only been on here for a couple of weeks and I'm still enjoying it. I'm seeing some amazingly inspiring photography and have decided that when I can, I want to delve into macro shots much more! I'm being ably supported by hubby @froggit and my dad @tonydebont.


So I'm hooked! After originally signing up just to look at my dad's photos I finally stopped lurking behind the potted palms and started taking photos myself. This afternoon I'm upgrading my account to pro because I've got too many photos to share. I'll blame dad :) And the encouraging people around here.

I'm a mum, a wife, a daughter and a friend. I'm also a provisionally registered psychologist who is a mere 18 months always from submitting her PhD thesis.