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Year 2. Update from Ness
Well here I am starting year 2 of the 365 project. The first year was an amazing journey and I learnt so much and have gained many friends from all over the world. The 365 community is just wonderful.

I am fortunate to live in a suburb of Melbourne (Victoria Australia). I now have a Nikon dSLR, d7000 but I have kept my original Nikon d3100 - and I use both.

I still love close up/macro photography, especially since I got my macro lens (a Sigma 105 macro) late last year, I have also become very interested in landscape since discovering HDR and how well the colours look when I merge 3 photos together.

I started my own face book page for my photos only yesterday (Monday 15/7/23) and would love you to visit and comment ...


Thank you to all those who follow me, support me and encourage me, FYI, I have changed my name from Vanessa (which was always used in the family when I'd done something wrong) to Ness which all my family and friends call me, and you my fellow 365ers are both family and friends :)