Cloned-Out-Buttercup by netkonnexion


Alison (@dulciknit) wanted to clone out the buttercup. I thought I would have a go for her. Here is my effort.
Her original is here...

Copyright @dulciknit
I kind of liked it with that little pop of color- but this is good too. You did a great job in getting it out!
April 21st, 2019  
It would have been better if she had taken the exposure from the buttercup so that was detailed. As she lost the detail I think it was better to take it out. The pop of colour would have been great if the exposure of it was good.
April 21st, 2019  
@olivetreeann @netkonnexion
This was taken in 2012. Had I have seen this rabbit today, I might have taken a photo but would not have posted it.

Looking at it in 2019, I find the positioning of the flower in the original creates an awkward tension between it and the rabbit to my mind.
For me, ideally, the flower would have been positioned where that twig is (the one to the left of the nettle leaf) so that a triangulation and more harmonious tension would have been set up between it, the nettle leaf and the eye of the rabbit.

But thank you for getting rid of the screaming yellow buttercup, Damon. It's a totally convincing piece of work (I still remember your work on this : and it's not something I think I'd manage particularly well even now. I appreciate your observation about metering too.
April 21st, 2019  
It was just 5 mins of fun.

I find it difficult to resist a challenge like that. You are right. It was late. I should have sent it, not posted it.

Perhaps I should remove the links and my effort?

BTW... this image was not a judgement. Just me messing around with cloning.
April 21st, 2019  
@netkonnexion Hey no, it's totally cool! I don't mind in the slightest! I found it very interesting and helpful, in fact. Anything that gets me thinking is good and I appreciate your observations and what you did. Comment on one photo provides food for thought for future photos.
And who can resist a baby bunny? ;-)
Maybe you misunderstood me - I was referring to my version when I said I wouldn't have posted it if I'd taken it today.
April 21st, 2019  
Well done!
April 28th, 2019  
Nice processing of the cute little bunny.
May 22nd, 2019  
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