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Good day all.

Year 2 update-
Still serving in the RAF and living in Norwich,It is a beautiful place to be to enjoy all types of photography. Having done the first year, You realise how many amazing things are simply on your doorstep.
Year 1-
Completed! (finally), I loved it everyday was awesome, and quite an interesting experience to take a picture involving one certain 'Flips' My crochet mascot I used, Take a look!
I love photography and creating things, so this is a perfect opportunity for me to learn some new skills and have some fun with photography and to top it off I get to use a cool teddy called 'Flips' :)

I've had a few friends that have done this project but i've always had the ambition to do 365 with one thing i.e. FLIPS! which is what my end goal is : to be able to say I took a photo everyday for a year using one subject and am better because of it.

Comments and critique appreciated
Oh and if you live around Norwich give me a shout!
I'm using a Nikon D5100 with various lenses :)