"Does your Granny always tell you…. by nicolaeastwood

"Does your Granny always tell you….

…..that the old songs are the best?"

….this is a tenuous link to the word of the day. (Stay with me…..)

Some may remember that last year I tried to link a Christmas Song lyric to my shot each day. This year I thought I would do the same thing, and because there isn't enough to worry about, scheme, plan, plot and create at this time of year I thought I would try to tie it into the word of the day Declare-4-December!

So….today's word is family, the only lyric I could think of is

"You're waiting for the family to arrive" - can't shoot that…….
da da da de da da da de da…….
"Does you're Granny always tell you, that the old songs are the best?" oh that's it - up to the attic for a bit of vinyl!
Very creative like it.
December 4th, 2014  
Smashing! I'm not a Christmas person but I can appreciate what you are trying to do here!
December 4th, 2014  
@creampuff eh? not a Christmas person???.....I may need to re-evaluate our friendship. What on earth is wrong with never ending Christmas songs in the shops, over priced commercialised tat, and too much food and drink!! I love the spirit of Christmas, not the reality!! x
December 4th, 2014  
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