Do you want to build..... by nicolaeastwood

Do you want to build..... Olaf?!

She did - we had about a half inch of snow, actually not even that much!...and then she named him. Big mistake, you name something it becomes a real thing! She went out to check on him about ten times over the weekend! :0)
They don't last very long do they. He is beautiful though.
Reminds me of a poem I heard when I was a child.

I made myself a snowman
As perfect as can be
I thought I'd keep him as a pet
And let him sleep with me
I made him some pyjamas
And a pillow for his head
Then last night he ran away
But first he wet the bed.

Don't see snow now we live in Australia.
February 2nd, 2015  
A work of art!
February 2nd, 2015  
@onewing Babs, that is just the best reply to any picture I've posted on 365 - I wish I could FAV comments! and I will be telling Little D about this tomorrow. I have a friend from Oz who saw snow for the first time when he worked with me in London. He was leaning out of the window shouting "oh mate they're like little feathers falling from sky!" Everyone in the office made me take him out for a walk, so they could shut the window and get warm again!!
February 2nd, 2015  
February 2nd, 2015  
@onewing cute poem
February 2nd, 2015  
But you enjoyed it as well.
February 3rd, 2015  
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