marco chrysanthemum by nicolaeastwood

marco chrysanthemum

My Get-pushed partner challenged me this week to shoot something frightening. This house is usually full of big hairy house spiders, and the one week that I've wanted to find one.....nope, not a hope!

Since I've been at the Chelsea Flower Show there wasn't much frightening in my world this week, but if you were very tiny, this macro Chrysanthemum could swallow you up!

@tinmaddog I will find you something "properly" frightening soon, but being easily scared I generally run away before anything scary happens!!
@tinmaddog - if you imagine it, and you were teeny - it could be frightening! I failed on the Get-pushed - owe you something frightening!
May 26th, 2013  
Haha super-freaky alien octopus/sarlac maw
May 26th, 2013  
Wonderful macro. Love it. Love the light on it.
May 27th, 2013  
Nice composition and great details!
May 27th, 2013  
Again, so amazing that I wish I'd taken it!
May 28th, 2013  
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