My last bake for the year by nicolecampbell

My last bake for the year

I had bananas that were well last their use by date so I made a huge banana cake today. I left my husband in charge of taki g it out of the oven when I dropped our daughter at work.

It looked fantastic until it didn’t and it started to sink in the middle. When I took it out of the tin and turned it upside down it started to sink the other way. Unfortunately he had taken it out of the oven before it had cooked properly.

I managed to rescue the outside of the cake, which was cooked, and turned the cake into a banana split trifle filled with cherries, custard, cream and topped off with a chocolate flake. This will be our dessert tonight as we celebrate the end of 2021.

This is also my final photo of my project. Thank you to everyone who has commented and dab’s my photos thus year. I appreciate each and everyone. I also apologise for not being able to comment on your own images as much as I would have liked. My life is crazy busy and unfortunately I don’t get very much free time.

I wish you a wonderful, safe and enjoyable new year filled with many happy snaps and cherished memories. xxx
Oh boy... i'm drooling here!
Well, you did share a bunch of lovely photographs! Maybe you will pop in every now and then, life permitting. Anyhow, have a very very happy and prosperous new year! Take care!
December 31st, 2021  
Happy New Year, and best wishes for the next chapter in all the things you do. You amaze me.
December 31st, 2021  
I am continuously impressed with your ability to make lemons into lemonade! You have such creativity. I would have given up on the ruined banana cake but you just used it as a starting off point for some thing even better! Good luck to you, Nicole. I shall miss all your beautiful cake photos but I truly understand being busy and the time 365 takes.
December 31st, 2021  
Sad to read that you will be bowing out of 365. I will miss seeing your fabulous creations and Buster's adventures. Wishing you everything of the best for 2022. Take care and stay safe
December 31st, 2021  
Wishing you the best of everything-don’t leave the project totally, post whenever you can and be safe❤️
December 31st, 2021  
Happy New Year Nicole and I notice that you didn't take up my offer to come and cook for us next Christmas. I dont know . . . 🤔
January 1st, 2022  
@terryliv 🤣🤣🤣 send me your address and I’ll pop something in the mail to you. Happy New Year, wishing you and your family all the best x
January 1st, 2022  
I'm sure it tasted amazing. I did that making yeast cinnamon buns.. so i turned them into bread and butter pudding with orange zest and dried plum.. was pretty good!
January 15th, 2022  
It looks delicious. I’m sorry you don’t have time for 365 but I sure understand!
January 16th, 2022  
What i didn't read the whole post! and popped in to say hi and happy new year... Totally understand the busy-ness of life. All the best with everything Nicole x
February 3rd, 2022  
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