Hello cutieee

My Camera has been okay so far, i thought i might of not been able to take one today but i did:)
Its not amazing but i'm just pleased i could take one.
Didn't do much today, just the usual school stuff but had 3 hours of english today-.- just so we could catch up on everything.
Its still been foggy outside... and it started raining in the morning. Depressing weather... :/
So as soon as i got home i just cleaned my hamsters cage and then didnt have a clue what to take a picture of.. it was gloomy and dark outside so nothing out there that would be amazing so i decided to just take a picture of this cute little thing.
Had to use flash because the lighting was soo bad.. its soo annoying and hard to take a picture when its winter because it gets dark at like 4pm .. No exaggeration, i'm being serious.. :|
Ahaa i still don't have a name for her yet and i've had her for about 1 year or 2 years now.. :') Any suggestions?
posted November 22nd, 2011  
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