Finally!! by ninaganci


I joined 365 over 10 years ago, and learnt so much. I struggled with my camera settings whilst looking after dad (those who did follow me then, know that I use to rush dad to hospital at a drop of a hat and take him out to his favourite places to visit)

During this period, I concentrated mainly on composition, camera was always I mean always in auto mode. My composition improved drastically.

After Dad went to heaven, I was so distraught, I did not pick up a camera for a few years.

Finally I picked it up again and started. Lockdown arrived, and we were stuck at home - with the help of YouTube, I figured out AV and TV mode on my camera and kept ISO on auto.

I will never forget the day, I took over 300 photos of my rosemary bush to get the perfect bee capture. I was so excited.

I finally was off auto - sort of (ISO still on auto)

about 18 months ago, I sold my car and have been stuck at home. Living in South Africa, public transport or walking in the street with a camera is highly not recommended

Being limited, I took photos of flowers in my garden. 18 months down the line, I am tired of taking photos of my garden.

Though another good thing happened - I watched YouTube again, and the last few days, I took photos only in Manual mode!
I finally did it. My first capture in manual mode!

As stated, I learnt so much with 365 and could not have done it without you and your help and advice. I really really appreciate it.

As to my remaining with this wonderful family, I have no idea. My life is once again taking another path. Yes, I will be armed with a camera in manual mode.

Thank you for being there for me over the last 10 years, I really appreciate it

Thank you
I have only been with over the very recent years but fully understand the trials and tribulations of life. I enjoy following your 365 journey even if it is a flower as they are truly beautiful as this one is today.
January 20th, 2023  
Good morning Nina. I really enjoy your photos and I found this post about your journey inspiring and moving. I am only a relatively recent 365er snd your story reinforces my impressions of the strength and warmth of many people on this site.
January 20th, 2023  
I love your story. This a beautiful manual photo. It would be great for you to stay with the group, I enjoy your photos. But also understand that life takes different turns. Good luck whatever you decide.
January 20th, 2023  
Yes we have both been here a long time Nina , I remember the period you were looking after your father . And amazing how your photography has developed over the years! It would be a shame if you decided to leave us , but I understand how life can sometimes come in your way! Good luck Nina! BTW, this is a beautiful capture - fav
January 20th, 2023  
A beautiful photo, Nina, and captured totally in manual! Wow! Fav for your photo! Your story is inspiring and touching. I have known you for a relatively short time, but I have enjoyed seeing your photos and I have learned so much from you. I hope there is a way for you to continue, in some capacity, because you are a part of this beautiful community. But of course if life is drawing you away, that is how it shall be. Thank you for all your support and for your lovely presence. Best of luck, Nina!
January 20th, 2023  
I’ve only known you a couple of years and hadn’t realised the tough times you’ve been having.
I’ve always loved seeing your pictures and I must say this one is a real beauty, such fabulous sharp detail and colour.
If your new path means that you will leave us please drop in to say hi from time to time x
January 20th, 2023  
Thank you for sharing yourself your photos are an inspiration for me
January 21st, 2023  
Lovely photo and a nice narrative...Well done.
January 21st, 2023  
I have been here a little longer than you and still haven't gotten to the full manual mode - you determination may be just what I need to start working towards that! Good luck in whatever direction you head, Nina.
January 21st, 2023  
This is a gorgeous shot, beautifully done! Thank you for sharing your narrative and I wish you well. Hope to see more from you if that becomes possible.
January 21st, 2023  
Congratulations Nina, a wonderful capture of this beautiful flower. I am sure there will be many more to come.
You sure had sure share of trials and tribulations and I wish you a positive and happy future. Hopefully still posting here :-)
January 21st, 2023  
Lovely photo and well done, perfect shot! Thanks for sharing, I think we all get something out of this group, for however long we can/need.
January 21st, 2023  
Very delicate 😍
January 21st, 2023  
pretty colors
January 21st, 2023  
Beautiful flower! Great focus.
January 22nd, 2023  
A beautiful shot, lovely light and detail - fav!

Well done on reaching your 10 year landmark on 365, it has been a real pleasure sharing some of that with you. We will pass our 10 year landmark quite soon, but I suspect we will be continuing. We have taken several breaks along the way but we keep coming back! I do hope you stay with 365, but if not I hope you will call back occasionally to see us!

January 25th, 2023  
Well done. Great shot.
January 31st, 2023  
Fabulous story and great shot to go with it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
February 2nd, 2023  
Nina l have loved following your project
February 3rd, 2023  
Beautiful colours
February 3rd, 2023  
Lovely pic! Thanks for sharing your adventures in photography!
February 26th, 2023  
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