ETSOOI'ing Toronto by northy

ETSOOI'ing Toronto

yep - another craptastic mess... kinda sorta attempted to follow this tutorial...

so... what did i do?
- started with crumby early morning cityscape shot (it was massively windy and i couldn't keep the camera from shaking)
- removed sky
- added black sky... added stars...
- added green clouds to sorta simulate northern lights...
- added a greeny tinge to the city...
- added a moon

for the etsooi challenge - hopefully got this in under the wire...

(somewhat more pungent on black)
Looks cool to me!!
November 28th, 2016  
I agree with Kim... Very cool, although I'm not sure I would be going out if it actually looked like that.
November 28th, 2016  
Fantastic! A little sci-fi looking.
November 28th, 2016  
very cool
November 28th, 2016  
Must be viewed on black
November 28th, 2016  
Very cool! Amazing what can be done with ETSOOI!
November 28th, 2016  
November 28th, 2016  
Can't beat a good etsooi every so often. They're good for the soul. :)
November 28th, 2016  
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