Walking home by novab

Walking home

How could you not stop and take a few pictures of these very colourful houses in downtown St. John's, Newfoundland.

Thanks for following along on my vacation and stay tuned for some more photos. :)
Love those nice bright colours
August 5th, 2017  
I love seeing these houses again!! What a colourful little town!! Lovely capture!! Fav!
August 5th, 2017  
It all looks very modern but I'm not used to living straight off the street!
August 5th, 2017  
Great colours
August 5th, 2017  
Wow what a sight..
August 5th, 2017  
Nice colourful capture Nova
August 5th, 2017  
Very colourful place
August 5th, 2017  
Wow so colourful.
August 6th, 2017  
I just love the colorful buildings.
August 7th, 2017  
@bkbinthecity @pamknowler @maggiemae @amfrumbiddivurd @julzmaioro @peterlgrave @777margo @onewing @randystreat

Thank you all so much for your kind words and favs. These houses are popular for tourists to photograph in St. John's. You can buy all sorts of trinkets with colourful houses painting on them, from earrings to beach rocks. :)
August 7th, 2017  
Great colourful shot.
August 7th, 2017  
Oh I just love the colourful houses!
August 8th, 2017  
So colourful - this looks amazing.
August 10th, 2017  
Such fun to see the delightful charm of St John's played out again!

(On a later date, soon, I'm going to go through all your photos while I'm back in CA and it's not after midnight!)
August 13th, 2017  
:-) These make me so happy to look at. Hope you had a great time.
August 14th, 2017  
Stunning shot, Nova
August 17th, 2017  
@jack4john Thanks John! St. John's Newfoundland has lots of very interesting places to photograph. Thanks for having a look (and your fav too) :)
August 17th, 2017  
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