Gone for a walk by novab

Gone for a walk

I have been absent for the past little while, as thing in my life have been turned upside down with the illness of my sister. We have been caring for her sweet and adorable 14 month old daughter while she is in the hospital. We do have a great support system and are hopeful thing will be okay in the long-term. I don't have much free time to pickup my camera, but I'll be back when things return to normal.

Today we got to spend time as a family (which was very nice), with a walk along the Halifax waterfront and lunch at a fancy restaurant to celebrate Father's Day. It was a great day.
I hate reading sad news on 365, never can think of the right words to write, sorry sounds sort of empty, all I can really say is, Keep your chin up, look for any small sign of brightness, and remember I am thinking of you.
June 18th, 2018  
@peterday Peter, that's the best I could hope for. Thank you for your kind words, they do help. :)
June 18th, 2018  
Hope things soon turn around for your sister and yourself Nova, my thoughts are with you all at this most trying of times:)
June 18th, 2018  
@pcoulson Thanks Peter, I appreciate your positive thoughts. :)
June 19th, 2018  
I am so sorry to hear about your sister, Nova. I hope she gets better very soon. It is nice to have family nearby for support. Take good care of yourself as well.
June 23rd, 2018  
@gardenfolk Thanks CC, we are so happy to report she is starting to improve. :)
June 23rd, 2018  
not nice to hear the reason for your absence, but i do hope and pray your sister will soon recover. just think, you have another cute model to play with! cheers, kiddo.
June 23rd, 2018  
Just seen this Nova. I was thinking you were away on holiday! What a shock for you and your family! I do hope your sister makes a speedy recovery. I bet she can’t wait to get home with her baby! Sending you lots of big hugs xxx
June 23rd, 2018  
Hope you're sister makes a speedy recovery Nova, and you getback to your camera..
June 24th, 2018  
@summerfield @pamknowler @jack4john Thanks MsV, Pam and John. She is slowly improving every day. :)
June 25th, 2018  
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