Dogwalkers by octogenarian


I have always suffered from insomnia, and it has become worse with old age. A good friend told me recently that I should get a small tablet to my bedside and have audiobooks in it, or try to listen to some voice programs on radio.

I do not have a tablet, but I have audiobooks on my computer, and I found audio books on the broadcasting company's archives - mainly old classics that I have read, except Proust. That is really a gap in my knowledge of literature. His monumental novel "In Search of Lost Time" is there in Finnish, and I have started to listen to it. The reader is good, so we shall see. :-)
I like audio books. That's great you've found an archive of them, that'll be fun to explore.

Nice street scene, the bright colors of their clothes really standing out against the snow.
January 20th, 2019  
@mostlyfiveohthree I tried last night, and the voice did calm me down. I just have to get smaller ear phones. My friend told me today that she uses those small plugs that fall off when she falls asleep, and also that she only uses one.
Today I have to find out about those small tablets. She said that she has a 7" tablet which is light to hold when she watches TV.

So being insomniac can be fun, :-))
January 21st, 2019  
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