Heading Towards Parker by olivetreeann

Heading Towards Parker

I started playing around with some pictures for the current artist challenge. I really like Olivia Parker's work and thought I might have gotten some of her style here, but a quick look at her website again revealed it's not quite there. There's still time to play with it, but I'm going to post it anyway and look into something different tomorrow.
I like this Ann - I am having similar issues with trying to get her style - my ideas aren't quite there
August 12th, 2020  
I feel like you are definitely headed in the right direction with this one. If anyone can do it it will be you, Ann
August 12th, 2020  
This is rather cool, I like it a great deal and it is in her style too.
August 12th, 2020  
A good double exposure. I looked at some of her photos last night and really couldn't come to any conclusion as to what her style was.
August 12th, 2020  
Nice processing
August 12th, 2020  
This is really cool
August 12th, 2020  
Really like how this turned out! Fav
August 12th, 2020  
Lovely image for the challenge
August 12th, 2020  
I think you are close! Great processing and a very appealing image.
August 12th, 2020  
I love this, a stunning image and beautifully done.
August 12th, 2020  
how beautiful
August 12th, 2020  
Well done, like all the layers
August 12th, 2020  
@annied Thanks Annie! I think it's her choice of items to put in the still life. They are all common yet unique- she calls them anomalies- something that deviates from the standard or norm- like the one in her toy shots where there are hawks interspersed among the childrens' toys. It's kind of hard for me to think that way!

@grammyn Thanks Katy- I'm glad I've got more time to play with this.

@joysabin Thanks Joy- it's getting there but doesn't have that unusual combo of items like many of hers do.

@randystreat Thanks Kathy! Her style is really unique because it crosses genres. She has very sharp, clear and unusual still lifes and then she jumps over to abstract and it almost looks like a different photographer. But it's her color palette that stays the same- the soft muted colors and earth tones interspersed with a pop of bold colors like red or black here and there.

@hjbenson @kjarn @edorreandresen
Thank you Harry!
Thank you Kathy!
Thank Dorre and thanks for the fav!

@seattlite @eudora @ludwigsdiana @koalagardens @lmsa
Thank you Gloria!
Thank you Diane!
Thank you Diana!
Thank Katrina!
Thank you Louise!
August 12th, 2020  
Like your challenge idea and composition.
August 13th, 2020  
@wendyfrost Thank you Wendy! I'm still working on pieces in my head for the next one. This one isn't really eclectic enough as far as the components go. But I like it anyway!
August 14th, 2020  
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