Wanderer by overalvandaan


Inspired by Alexey Titarenko, the photographer Adi chose for the Artist Challenge.

My surroundings are not sharp in focus as Alexey's Titarenko's photo's, but I like the ghost like appearance. I was holding the camera close to my body, to keep it as still as possible (with the slow shutter speed).
gorgeously painterly
December 1st, 2019  
ditto to kali...
December 1st, 2019  
Deze vind ik heerlijk. Fav.
December 1st, 2019  
I love both of these ghostly shots
December 2nd, 2019  
Dreamy with just a touch of un-settlement. Fav!
December 2nd, 2019  
You have caught a painting - fabulous!
December 2nd, 2019  
superb, an easy fav
December 2nd, 2019  
Of this is moody and just beautiful. Fav
December 2nd, 2019  
Beautiful moody capture.
December 2nd, 2019  
I really like the atmosphere!
December 2nd, 2019  
December 2nd, 2019  
It does have a smiliar ghostly quality
December 3rd, 2019  
Cool image!
December 4th, 2019  
December 6th, 2019  
Very nice
December 8th, 2019  
This is a superb shot!
December 9th, 2019  
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