Delicate Drifter

Just gorgeous :)
posted April 10th, 2014 always have the best titles!
posted April 10th, 2014  
I love the way the light is hitting the water. Beautiful. ;)
posted April 10th, 2014  
great use of light!!!
posted April 10th, 2014  
Nice to see a shot from you Cass. Hope all well.
posted April 10th, 2014  
Oh this is so pretty. Love the texture.
posted April 10th, 2014  
@stimuloog Thanks :)

@kwind Thank you :) I do like the titles to fit what I see... not sure if that's always good and perhaps skews other people's view of them?

@katiebrenkert Thank you :)

@my_photofun Thank you :)

@seanoneill Hey Sean :) Thanks... getting there. I keep meaning to send you an email and well.... obviously I just never get to it as you never receive one, huh! I hope you're all well xoxo

@amandal Thanks Amanda :)
posted April 11th, 2014  
posted April 12th, 2014  
posted April 12th, 2014  
So delicate. Beautiful shot.
posted April 19th, 2014  
So pretty!
posted April 27th, 2014  
A beautiful shot! I like the vertical framing!
posted June 1st, 2014  
how are you doing Cass ... for some reason ... thought of you .. think one of the images I saw recently reminded me of your style ... been a while since we seen you here (didn't see much from you on FB) ..... hope all good with you
posted September 29th, 2014  
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