Testing the waters...

This was at the start of a rather massive downpour we had today. Out testing the water puddles to see if they should be jumped in... the consensus was YES! lol
so cute. nothing like baby feet!
posted December 11th, 2011  
@elizabeth264 they're just the cutest indeed :) Curious, much like their owners lol.
posted December 11th, 2011  
Great photo, love the composition.
posted December 11th, 2011  
Wow. Great shot. Very clever.
posted December 11th, 2011  
love it!!
posted December 11th, 2011  
Great shot!! So simple and it says so much!! Lovely.
posted December 12th, 2011  
@ohgracie Thanks Jessica :)

@sebella He just looked too cute lol... thanks :)

@tuscanblogger Thank you :)

@allibird - It's true, isn't it, sometimes less is more :) Thanks :)

posted December 12th, 2011  
This one is really amazing ... its like a pure innocence moment !
posted December 18th, 2011  
@chiichan Thank you Sylvie :)
posted December 19th, 2011  
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