... think I'm kidding? Pulling your leg? I'm not... it's a fly, really, it is! Have a look, on the left of the cow bell, about half way up. It's a fly! See!!

Ok, so I took this shot of the cow bell... cos it was cool and cows used to wear these bells so they could be heard if they wandered off...

LOL! I love cowbells! Great capture with the fly!
posted May 10th, 2012  
Stunning shot Cassandra. Really well done.
posted May 10th, 2012  
Nice shot :)
posted May 10th, 2012  
I see it. Well done.
posted May 10th, 2012  
Oh yeah... The fly makes all the difference Cassie... Leaves looking a little confused.
posted May 10th, 2012  
nice shot!!
posted May 10th, 2012  
Without the fly is would just be a lovely photo of a bell. :D A pompous fly, perhaps? Great fun.
posted May 10th, 2012  
I agree with @sugarmuser the fly is the element that completes this scene. Fun!
posted May 10th, 2012  
nice fly......
posted May 11th, 2012  
hahaha...lovely shot!! Love the fly!!
posted May 12th, 2012  
lol ...l did have to follow your directions...and l thought it was an old milk jug:)
posted May 20th, 2012  
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