Trinity and Dad and uncle by pandorasecho

Trinity and Dad and uncle

I’m thankful that I learned to be more expressive.
My mom’s family wasn’t very expressive. I remember seeing my grandpa kiss my grandma on the cheek and she slapped at him, blushed and said, “oh pshaw! Now get out of here.”

So I heard that my mom and dad went back to Pittsburgh after they got married, mom had never met my dad’s loud, 12 kid family. She was a lonely only. His oldest sister invited her to go shopping, but stopped her from walking out the door. “Go kiss your husband. You never know for sure when it will be the last time you see him.”

So mom never let us kids leave without a kiss, even as she dropped up off in front of the grade school. But saying the actual words didn’t happen much until I met Greg. He said it often and loudly and signed it as he waved hello and good-bye. Pretty soon it became automatic between my parents and siblings and us. It’s a wonderful thing.

One of the best memories I have is leading my parents house and looking through the car window to see them standing in their big bay window, signing “I love you“ as we drove away.

And one of the things that always makes me smile is when I hear my 29 year old son and my 28 year old son say “I love you” to each other like it is the most natural and almost instinctual thing to say.
I love Trinity's name!! I am an only child that married into a family of nine, and his Dad was one of 11. It made it very difficult to remember names.
November 23rd, 2022  
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Nice shot
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Sweet capture
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