View From a Turkey Sandwich

I went on a Thanksgiving Day hike in the hills overlooking the Pacific Ocean. This was my view as I had my holiday meal of a turkey sandwich. That's Malibu down there.

Even though it was far from the standard Thanksgiving celebration, seated at a groaning table surrounded by a throng of relatives, it was bliss to me and I was truly thankful. :-)
I can see that it was something to be thankful for.
posted December 3rd, 2014  
Rose!! coming back? Fabulous perspective here with some great color. A peaceful day for sure and not a bad idea at all!
posted December 4th, 2014  
Yeah, trying to come back, but first I had to get my laptop set up at least somewhat the way I want it.
My sister had a BUNCH of photos on it and I went in and deleted most of those and then installed Picassa. But I'm so rusty at the whole process of downloading and editing photos that I'm taking baby steps right now.

It DOES feel good to be peeking in on 365 and getting inspired again. :-)
posted December 4th, 2014  
@pasadenarose YAY!!! I remember feeling the same way when I started back after my accident. Baby steps works!! Welcome home!
posted December 4th, 2014  
Hello again! Love baby steppin! Great vista!
posted December 5th, 2014  
This is such an amazing shot. How I love the coast and photos that are posted of it. It was just my husband and me for Thanksgiving. We BBQ'd a turkey and made all the sides that we usually made. Had lots of leftovers and a great soup a few days later. Was kind of nice to have the time to ourselves though we never spend Thanksgiving with family as we would have to travel to do that and they do not want to.

Took our son and his girlfriend to a casino the Sunday before for brunch and won money at the slots to pay for brunch. Was a super fun time. They both had to work on Thanksgiving. Hope to see you posting again. I also hope you had a wonderful Christmas. FAV
posted December 27th, 2014  
Looks as peaceful as your description.
posted January 22nd, 2015  
gorgeous view!
posted January 24th, 2015  
Love the colors!! How's life treating you?
posted January 28th, 2015  
Looks a great walk, such a wonderful view!
posted February 6th, 2015  
just beautiful!
posted February 16th, 2015  
Things are good, thanks! But I'm gearing up for a move soon, so very pre-occupied.
Just can't seem to force myself to sit down and edit/post photos.
I'm a bad 365-er. :-(
posted February 16th, 2015  
beautiful vista!
posted March 22nd, 2015  
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